Camp hours are 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

The junior camp program, will encompass various athletic and non-athletic activities that are suitable for boys and girls ages four through nine. The junior camp offers instructional and recreational swimming-off campus, challenging art projects, music and dance activities, science activities, rec. hall, computers, etc.

The children will participate in sports taught and supervised by a sports specialist, including soccer, basketball, kickball, basic tennis skills and more. The camp will provide for the children weekly performances by puppeteers, storytellers, actors, musicians, magicians and others. The children will participate in our carnival day, watermelon hunt, and red vs. white game days. The children will also take weekly field trips that may include hiking at the local park, rock climbing, batting in cages, hi-tech games, go-carting, mini golf, canoeing, and bowling.

The camp will provide lunch (pizza) one day a week for your child/ren on Wednesdays throughout the summer program. All other days you will need to provide a lunch for your child/ren. Snacks will be provided daily and a special treat will be offered every Friday. Parents are responsible for transportation to and from camp.